Top 10 scholarship in New Zealand for international students


In case you are willing to study in the country named New Zealand without having to pay fees with you being the international student, then this blog will help you get to know the relevant and the student-friendly piece of information needed to get scholarships in the highly effective manner. As a matter of fact, the Government of New Zealand along with the wide range of the universities and colleges of the country are able to ensure the provision or offering of the series of the scholarships for the international students having willingness and desire to get much-needed higher education in New Zealand. With the purpose of helping you know about the series of the scholarships that are made accessible or available, we have been able to gather the list of the top international scholarships provided and offered by New Zealand for the international students.

New Zealand Government Scholarships:

The New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS): this provides the chance to the international students that are to be chosen from the many developing and third world countries and continents in the form of the Latin America, Africa and above all, Asia in an attempt to help them study in the country of the New Zealand followed by the gaining of the skills and the much-needed indispensable knowledge with the help of the postgraduate study in the particular faculty and field that will in turn, help the students to provide or offer assistance to the country in which they belong to. One of the important information is that the scholarships are associated with the travel costs, tuition fees and living allowance and most importantly, insurance.

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Awards: these are the scholarships designed or set for the international students belonging to the Southeast Asian countries having willingness to study postgraduate in New Zealand with the tendency to assist development and overall progress in the home countries once they get back. Once again, this scholarship provides the insurance, the living allowance and travel costs and tuition fees.

New Zealand Pacific Scholarships (NZPS): this scholarship is available for the students that are to be chosen from the countries belonging to the Pacific region in the form of the Fiji, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands and Tonga and most importantly, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. This scholarship is said to help the students in gaining the postgraduate and the undergraduate studies in the country named New Zealand with having the benefits of the insurance, the tuition fees and living allowance and above all, insurance.

The New Zealand International Doctoral Scholarships (NZIDRS): This scholarship provides the international students having desire or intention to get the PhD education for free in the New Zealand University. It goes without saying that this scholarship is covered with the entire three academic years including the tuition fees, student levies, the medical insurance up to NZ$600 in an annual basis along with the annual living stipend of the amount around NZ$25,000.

New Zealand University Scholarships:
As a matter of fact, the University of Canterbury provides the UC international First Year Scholarships to the top-position-holders and top-performing international students beginning the undergraduate degree programme in the university. It has been mentioned that the scholarships are awarded with the amounts of $20,000, $10,000 and most importantly, $15,000.

ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland: The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) has the goal of ensuring the provision of the chance to the well-performed inhabitants of the development countries associated with the ADB for the purpose of undertaking the postgraduate studies while engaging in the academic institutions in the Pacific Region and Asian region in the highly effective manner. It must be noted that the University of Auckland has been the participating academic platform associated with the program. The scholarships offer the tuition fees, fundamental cost of living in Auckland, airfare from and to Auckland and most significantly, medical insurance and health insurance in the country of New Zealand.

The University of Otago International Master’s Award: this offers the financial and economic funding to assist the international students having the desire to undertake the thesis-driven Masters Degree in the University of the Otago. On the other hand, the scholarship is associated with the NZ$13,000 stipend on an annual basis along with the international tuition fees waiver without the inclusion of the insurance and the student services fees.

Victoria Masters Scholarships: in order to ensure the encouragement of the postgraduate research at Victoria, the University is said to provide the students with the best set of the scholarships enabling them to start the full-time and the research-driven Master’s degree. The scholarships are associated with the $15,000 stipend with the full domestic fees. It is significant to mention that the international students are supposed to pay the distinctive amount that is prevalent between the domestic fee and the international student fees.

University of Waikato International Scholarships: the University of Waikato provides the amazing and the student-friendly novel scholarships for the international students that have the belonging from the different parts of the global village in the shape of the Latin America, North America, and South Asia, East Asia and most importantly, the Middle East and Southeast Asia with the excellence of the students in the previous education or the academic background. It goes without saying that the scholarships assist in the foundation year along with the postgraduate and the undergraduate programme with the amount of NZ$5,000 of the tuition fees.

York University has been famous and popular for being able to encourage creative and innovative thinking together with the invitation of the international students belonging to the diverse walks of life to be able to apply to the York World Scholars (YWS) program. This has been the program that is designed or made for the top-performing students and the pupils with having the best written and the communication and strong oral skills. This is for the students who have the willingness to pursue the program of the double major in the form of the combination or the amalgamation of the two programs that are part of the novel degree in any one of the faculty or the field in the name of the social sciences and the humanities and the most importantly, the professional fields and the languages that are gaining popularity across the world.


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